Author Tracy Richardson at Cincinnati’s Books by the Banks

Luminis authors have been busy in October! Tracy Richardson was signing copies of her books, The Field and Indian Summer at Cincinnati’s Books By The Banks book festival on October 11th.





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Book Launch of Complex Knowing by Chris Katsaropoulos at Indy Reads Books


Author, Chris Katsaropoulos reads from his poetry collection, Complex Knowing at Indy Reads Books on October 11th.  A lively discussion followed the reading. Thank you to everyone who came!


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Congratulations to Jennifer Walkup on winning the Golden Leaf Award in the YA category!!!




Luminis Books is beyond thrilled and so pleased to share that Jennifer Walkup won the

Golden Leaf Award in the YA category for her book “Second Verse” at the New Jersey

Romance Writer’s Association.

This book was also the winner of the Gold 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Teen Mystery

Congratulations, Jennifer!!!




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Author Peter Van Buren at Louisville’s IdeaFestival

Louisville5vanburen idea fest


Peter Van Buren presenting to a full capacity crowd at Louisville’s IdeaFestival, October 1st. 

IdeaFestival is a celebration for the intellectually curious. It’s an eclectic network of global thinkers and one-of-a-kind innovators bound together by an intense curiosity about what is impacting and shaping the future of the arts, business, technology, design,  science,  philosophy and education. The world’s leading thinkers, doers and innovators join curious minds from around the globe for 4 days once a year to explore, discuss and celebrate innovation, imagination and world-changing ideas.


Peter discussed what lead him to write Ghosts of Tom Joad.

After leaving his 24-year career as an American diplomat following his 2011 whistleblowing surrounding U.S. failures in the Iraq War, IF alumnus Peter Van Buren’s career path led him on a personal deep plunge into the New Economy as a 52-year old minimum wage worker. Van Buren found himself discovering a changed America from the one he had represented overseas. His experience confronts many aspects of contemporary American life, including: How did we evolve from prosperity to a society that pulls more and more of its citizens into the world of the working poor?

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Luminis Authors at New England Independent Booksellers Association

Authors Marcia Strykowski – Call Me Amy and Amy’s Choice and Cara Bertrand - Lost In Thought and Second Thoughts met with booksellers on October 1st at the NEIBA – New England Independent Booksellers Association – in Rhode Island. We love our Independent Booksellers!


Cara with a copy of Lost In Thought



 Marcia at the Chesapeake and Hudson Booth for IPG




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“Second Thoughts” keeps readers “right in the middle of all the action”…

“Second Thoughts” is proving to be an excellent and thrilling sequel to  “Lost In Thought”-the first book of the Sententia Series.  These reviewers share why they loved this paranormal book so much. LitPick even gave it 5 stars!

This has to be one of the most exciting Paranormal Romances to be released in a long time. Unique, filled with adventure, romance, heartache and many twists and turns, I loved everything about this read. Compared to some of the greatest YA PNR to ever hit the shelves, this book, for me, reminded me in many ways of The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy.

Book one ended with such a cliffhanger and I could not wait to climb right back into the action. Would her vision really come true, could Carter really do something like that? I was enthralled and couldn’t put this book down for a second. Of course, other than the threat of her own demise looming over Lainey, she had plenty of other obstacles to get over. Although gifted with a very rare ability, she was still very much a normal girl who had to face normal girl problems. Add to that all the drama with senator Astor and I’m not sure how Lainey managed to get through it all.

The ending to this book was not exactly a cliffhanger but it was very surprising. I didn’t quite foresee the events that took place at the very end, and even though I could understand by Lainey made the choices she made, it still hurt my heart because it wasn’t quite the ending I was hoping for. I can only pray that there will be a third book and that everything will work out for these amazing characters.

This was a great read that flowed right off the pages. I think readers will be delighted with the magical qualities this book has to offer. A superb read from cover to cover.” ~ Roxy Kade





“Book Two of the Sententia Series is sure to grab your attention just as well as Lost In Thought did. Although Lost In Thought was a very good book, you don’t need to read it in order to understand Second Thoughts. This book was very interesting and definitely kept me turning the pages. Cara Bertrand certainly made me feel like I was right in the middle of all the action. The vocabulary used was good for the recommended age, although there was some language throughout the book. Overall, as the reader, I believe that this book was a very, very good read.”  Five Stars ~McTower


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Fall Title Preview – Consolations by Sally Wolfe

Consolations by Sally Wolfe publishes November 1st – Order your copy today!

“In Sister Bridget, Sally Wolfe has created a brave and intelligent heroine, whose spiritual quest tests her mercilessly. Consolations, a beautifully-told story of spiritual longing and forbidden love, moves across the landscape from leafy New England to the arroyos of Santa Fe, carrying the reader along on an engrossing journey of spiritual and sexual awakening.”

-Elizabeth McKenzie, author of the critically-acclaimed Stop That Girl



A beautiful and haunting story of forbidden love, Consolations portrays a woman’s lifelong struggle to reconcile her all-too-human feelings with her quest for the highest spiritual life.

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An incredible review you don’t want to miss for “Complex Knowing”

“It is the serene beauty of his [Katsaropoulos’] writing that mesmerizes and results in starting the book again once finished that proves this is a man of letters who has an enormous gift and future. COMPLEX KNOWING is most assuredly one of the more important collections of poetry by an American writer to come before the public….we can only hope that he will pause frequently to offer poems such as these.”

~Grady HarpPoet, War Songs Critic, Literary Aficionado, Art Historian, The Art of Man and Vitruvian Lens and PoetsArtistsWriter for art museum catalogues



Everything outside our little tube of limitation is more than we can ever hope to know.  Occasionally a diamond so settled in the crust of the earth can go unnoticed, perhaps lacking the light it requires to send dazzling prisms to the eyes of the chaotic mass of shufflers preoccupied with the instant gratification of technologies competing with the air itself for push-button attention. Such is the case with this mesmerizing collection of poems COMPLEX KNOWING by the Indiana writer Chris Katsaropoulos, a book so eloquent and brilliant that it requires time – that precious entity few seem to have saved for exploration of the arts – to explore this obvious treasure. It is related to the great works of literature – James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Solzhenitsyn, Dante Alighieri, Roberto Bolaño, Seamus Heaney, Proust, Kazantzakis, Kafka, William Blake, and Percy Bysshe Shelley are a few that come to mind. We have been dazzled by his novels ANTIPHONY and FRAGILE and the manner in which he seduces/invites the reader to explore our sixth sense – that extension of our thinking that enters the realm of the unconscious or dream state or feelings not accessible immediately to the other five senses. Reading Katsaropoulos it is obvious he believes a reliable critical course can be plotted by following a poetic sixth sense. Chris Katsaropoulos’ mind is so attuned to poetry, classical music, metaphysics, physics, science in general and mans search for meaning that his poems have passages, not unlike cadenzas in a piano concerto where the artist takes a pause from the orchestral score to expound on a note or phrase or thought that shows muscular and spiritual dexterity before returning to the work as a whole, that sing like few other poets can write. It is this gift that Katsaropoulos displays in this masterful work. One of the ways he accomplishes this is his apparent disdain for the confines of phrasing or punctuation or the manner in which he places his poems on the page: once the reader takes the time to read the poems aloud, the myriad levels of meaning surface – levels influenced by the life circumstances and experiences the reader brings to the poem. He writes as though a passing word or phrase or thought draws him to pen and paper and form that initial seed his imagination and stream of conscious sensitivity weave extraordinary images. He allows a certain ambiguity of thought that opens a passage for the reader to enter the creative process, introducing here and there phrases that may be read with several levels of meaning. Gently tucked into his poems are moments of strangely chosen rhyming words that adds to the mysteryof the fluidity of what he is expressing. Make no mistake: once his individual poem is completed the thought process is there: it is the discovery of the process, that idea, that 6th sense place that is the joy of reading his work.Chris Katsaropoulos knows what he is about: he has served in the roles of editor and publisher with such prestigious houses as McGraw-Hill, Pearson Prentice Hall and Macmillan, he has authored trade and technical books (some dealing with the Internet as business) and he and his wife founded Luminis Books after encountering out-of-body experiences. This is a collection of fragments not unlikethe encounters we all face in life – moments that seem coincidental and unimportant at the time but which later lead to insights and even behavior changes completely unexpected. But most of all it is the serene beauty of his writing that mesmerizes and results in starting the book again once finished that proves this is a man of letters who has an enormous gift and future.

~Grady HarpPoet, War Songs Critic, Literary Aficionado, Art Historian, The Art of Man and Vitruvian Lens and PoetsArtistsWriter for art museum catalogues


Order your copy here at Luminis

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“Complex Knowing” receives brilliant review from Booklist



Novelist Katsaropoulos (Fragile, 2009; Antiphony, 2011) offers his first poetry collection. These abstract, interpersonal poems buck form and embrace contrast. Traditional syntax and line breaksare abandoned for a richly poetic tone, and in this manner, Katsaropoulos hits all of the big themes: the archetypal, the idiosyncratic, and the fragile. The many shades of meaning and great depth of perspective are rewarding. Just shy of 50 short poems, this book digs deep, as in the moving “Benediction,” which reaches past failure to capture love: “According to their need. / Say the words you / Want me to say, / Tell me what we must / Do, to flail the ways / That come between us.” The same sentiment seems denied in “Blackness Heart of the Night,” in which the speaker offers, “What was held / There / All along hope inside / A dream that never / Came to pass.” Such offerings make Katsaropoulos’ collection a poignant and necessary delivery of the most wonderful of human capacities, our ability to withstand the hurt and the joy.— Booklist


Order your copy of “Complex Knowing” here at Luminis

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Complex Knowing Launch Party at Indy Reads Books – Saturday, October 11th!

Join author, Chris Katsaropoulos at the Launch Party for his critically acclaimed first collection of poetry, Complex Knowing!

Saturday, October 11th    7:00pm    Indy Reads Books Bookstore   911 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis



Here’s what reviewers are saying~

“Katsaropoulos’ collection [is] a poignant and necessary delivery of the most wonderful of human capacities, our ability to withstand the hurt and the joy.”

~ Booklist

“COMPLEX KNOWING is most assuredly one of the more important collections of poetry by an American writer to come before the public….we can only hope that he will pause frequently to offers poems such as these.”

~ Grady Harp, Poet, War Songs, Critic, Literary Aficionado

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