Paris, Modigliani & Me ~ Giveaway on Goodreads through September 7th ~ YA Novel by Jacqueline Kolosov!


Enter the Goodreads giveaway of 5 Advance Review Copies of Paris, Modigliani & Me by Jacqueline Kolosov ~ through September 7th.

A summer in Paris as a nanny should be a dream job for eighteen-year-old Julie, but it feels more like a consolation prize after not getting into the Art Institute of Chicago, her dream school. Her mom wants her to come back to Texas and attend a state college in the fall, but Julie isn’t sure what she wants anymore.

One thing she does know is that she’s going to find the French father she’s never met while she’s in Paris. Whether her mother likes it or not.

Being a nanny to lively, fashion-minded Genevieve turns out to be fun and good for meeting a trio of intriguing guys. Jean Paul, Clay and Luc show Julie different parts of the city and help keep her mind off the problem of What To Do Next. And of course, Paris is, well, Paris, and that certainly helps. Also, Genevieve’s mother, Claire manages an art gallery and Julie gets drawn into the Paris art scene. The situation heats up when a new, previously unknown work by Modigliani, one of Julie’s favorite artists, is discovered and acquired by the gallery.

Julie’s affections are pulled in three different directions while she tries to discover if the new Modigliani is real or a forgery, or painted by Modigliani’s mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne. Can the story of Modigliani and Jeanne provide any clues that will help guide her own path? Another croissant certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.


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Luminis in the news – Indiana Library Federation article on authors and books from Indiana

Indiana Libraries: Journal of the Indiana Library Federation

Teens in the Book in Indiana by Edith A. Campbell

Great article about Indiana authors, publishers and teen books set in Indiana. Here’s the excerpt about Luminis Books.

“While many other publishers have flourished in Indiana, three stand out in the young adult market. Luminis Books is headed by Tracy Richardson and located in Carmel, IN. This young company began in 2008 and its authors are achieving national recognition through awards lists such as Laurie Gray’s Maybe I Will appearing as a finalist on the 2014 YALSA Teen’s Top Ten list. Richardson is a Hoosier native who spends much time exploring Indiana for settings in her books. She wrote and published Indian Summer (2010) and The Field (2013).”

Great books to check out if your readers want to read something about the great Midwest!

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Advance reviews on Goodreads for This Ordinary Life ~ 4 and 5 Stars!

This Ordinary Life by Jennifer Walkup publishes on October 1st.

ThisOrdinaryLife_FC 9781941311875

Goodreads reviews are coming in and they’re great! Sign up for the give-away through August 18th!

“I loved this book! It’s been awhile since I’ve read something that has captivated me enough to keep reading into the night! The characters were interesting and the idea was fresh. Just gave this book to my 16 year old daughter to read.” ~ Julie, Goodreads reader

“A story with a lot of heart, charming characters, humor, and a Jersey girl. What more could you need?” ~ Mrs. Warchol, Goodreads reader

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Entrevoir reviews – a Journey to Enlightenment

“Chris brings us along on a journey with successful artist Jacob.  Many artists see their work as a personal journey, one that is enlightening, and Jacob is no exception.  Except, for Jacob, his journey goes above and beyond what one would expect. Chris does a great job in “Entrevoir” of pulling in his reader and making them feel what Jacob feels.” ~ Rachel Rennie’s Blog Reviews 

“For me, Entrevoir was confusing and made sense all at the same time – it was a delicious read that lit the darkest corners of my mind, had (at least it felt like it) every synapse firing, was overwhelming and serene … all at ONCE.” ~ Marie Kuhlman , my3piecesandcompany Blog Review

Entrevoir cover 9781941311493

Learn more about Entrevoir at the Luminis website. 

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More Bloggers review The Possibility of Snow ~ 4 of 5 stars! Explore the boundaries of new friendships.

“THE POSSIBILITY OF SNOW reminds us what it is like to develop a new relationship and all of the emotions involved.  [It]  keeps you turning the pages as Al Riske pushes the limits with the friendship of these two characters.” ~ Rachel Rennie, Rachel Rennie’s Blog Reviews

“…the author does a great job of showing the boundaries of new friendships and what happens when those boundaries are crossed. The novel, which starts off light and care free soon turns dark, pitch black. I give the book 4 out of 5 stars.” ~ KM Hodge, KM Hodge Author Reviews


Learn more about Al Riske’s novel at the Luminis website.

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Entrevoir provides a ‘glimpse’ of the Universe – Reviewers find it Enlightening!

Entrevoir by Chris Katsaropoulos is both lyrical and mystical, opening the doors to the mysteries of the Universe. Order your copy at the Luminis website.

“One of the things I liked about [Entrevoir] is that, no matter what the author was trying to convey, in their personal showing of this enlightening moment, we all read into these chapters how we want. We all gain from his words something that we want to see, feel and hear. It may not take us to our own level of enlightenment, but it is rather uplifting and makes what starts our as a sad read, something that is so much more.” ~ Bri Wignall, NaturalBri Blog

“Reading Entrevoir is like opening the gates of purgatory & the universe all at once.The title I think is perfect…. Thought provoking is only one way to describe the universe that unfolds within its pages.” ~ Naomi Leadbeater, Naimeless Blog

Entrevoir cover 9781941311493

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More reviews for The Possibility of Snow. “Whatever your reaction to this work, it will be visceral.”

Al Riske has written a powerful novel in The Possibility of Snow. Find out why reviewers are giving such strongly positive reviews. Order your copy today at the Luminis websitepbcvr.snowfrt

“If I had to pick one word to describe the way I felt reading The Possibility of Snow it would be – uncomfortable. There are so many important topics addressed in this book through dialogue. The Possibility of Snow reads like a vignette into Neil & Steve’s lives, and focuses almost entirely on their relationship without developing who they are as people outside the relationship.

However, that focus is totally intentional, and clearly moves the story forward.

In the end, you may feel both a sense of loss and peace, but also anger. Whatever your reaction to this work, it will be visceral.” ~ Naimeless 

“This is the story of a friendship that does go on. It is a story of how a relationship falls apart. I give this book a 4/5.” ~ Deal Sharing Aunt

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The Possibility of Snow Blog Tour! “This book will challenge the way you think.”

Reviewers are challenged and rewarded by The Possibility of Snow by Al Riske. Buy your copy at the Luminis Website.


“The storyline flowed smoothly and the history between the characters was well written. The ending blew me away! This book will challenge the way you think.” ~ Granny Loves to Read

“This book was excellent… honest, real, emotional and very well written. It was great to read and connect with both character and story, making it hard to put the book down. I recommend giving this a read!” ~ Bri Wignall, NatrualBri 

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Huffington Post Interview with Chris Katsaropoulos and Tajci Cameron host of “Waking Up In America”

Music, Literature and Expansion ~ Interview with Tajci Cameron and Chris Katsaropoulos.

The interview will appear on the TV show Waking Up In America”  on July 7th~ ACTIVATING CHANGE IN THE WORLD
through personal awakening and soulful shifting toward living with purpose. 

Here are a few quotes from Chris:

“I think there is a lot of programming in our day to day lives. We have certain schedules, certain work obligations, certain programming that comes to us from television, or whatever media that we are [consuming.] So anything that gets us outside of those structures… can help to open awareness. And art, whether it’s music or poetry or a novel [can do that].”

“[Glastonbury] is a sacred place, and on the top of that hill… I had a big awakening experience there… It’s a very sacred place… Something just came through me and I started having out of body experiences and past life experiences and all sorts of multi dimensional experiences, that have gone into making my novels and my poetry since then.”

See the Huffington Post article here.

Learn more about Chris’ novels at the Luminis Books website.  antiphony_cover_11-12-10

Entrevoir cover 9781941311493

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The Blog Tour Continues – “ALONG THE WAY is a lovely book about self discovery” ~ Reviewers are entranced!

Three more reviews of Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov. We know you’ll want to get your copy to enjoy the journey yourself!

“Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago”

The long version of the title is so spot on.

[Along the Way] is all about a journey, yes. But so much more than just a walk. I absolutely loved this book. [It]  touches your heart in a special way, that makes you think about your own life, but also that gives you a few chuckles while you read. ~ BookBug

“There are moments where you come across a book that leaves you with a sense of peace and serenity. Along the Way is that book.

Along the Way showcases friendship, love and self worth beautifully. I found myself completely sucked into the journeys of each and every character.

Overall, this is a story I would want many people to read. You will laugh, swoon and hopefully take something from this, I know I did. Even though I haven’t physically walked the Camino de Santiago, through Jacqueline’s writing, it felt like I was doing it along with them.” 

~ Nicole and Maria, Dark Readers

Along The Way is a lovely book about self discovery.  What I loved most about it was the fact that, they didn’t have to do it alone.  I liked how the characters were believable and so were their circumstances.

~ Rachel Rennie


Purchase your copy here!

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