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Foreword Reviews loves Paris, Modigliani & Me!

“A great choice for anyone looking to get swept away in the romance of the city of love, from an author who is an expert in her craft.”

“Eighteen-year-old Julie finds love, mystery, and adventure when she moves to Paris the summer after graduation to take a job as a nanny. Still recovering from her painful rejection from the Art Institute of Chicago, Julie soon becomes enmeshed in the mystery of a new Modigliani painting that is acquired by a Parisian art gallery. Is the heralded painting real or forged, and what can the mystery teach her about her own path?

This charming coming-of-age story follows the heartwarming, sweet tale of a girl on the cusp of finding herself, along the way navigating new romances, old secrets, and a passion for beautiful art. Jacqueline Kolosov takes care with her characters, bringing them to emotional depths and heights as they not only seek to solve a mystery, but to discover the shifting bonds of family that unite them. A great choice for anyone looking to get swept away in the romance of the city of love, from an author who is an expert in her craft.”

~ Foreword Reviews

Buy your copy today!



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“SHELTER” recommended by Library Connection

This book is written in first-person present tense from Miguel’s point of view. At 15, Miguel lives with his oldest sister, mother, and abusive father. They move to a shelter after a particularly brutal evening, where Dad injures mother, sister, and dog. Although they are told not to give away the shelter’s location, it’s hard for Miguel and Ellie to keep quiet and they text their friends often. When Mom, Miguel and Ellie return to their home to retrieve their possessions, Dad threatens Mom with a gun. Miguel uses his Tae Kwon Do training to break Dad’s arm and dislodge the gun. The dynamics of abuse, from the attack to apology to another attack, are vividly portrayed. Information about shelters, court dates, and restraining orders is also included. This novel would be of interest to teen readers, especially those dealing with an abusive relationship.

Library Connection- Alexey W. Root, PhD, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas, Dallas




Order your copy of Shelter at Luminis Books

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SECOND THOUGHTS “packed with action, romance, wit, and unexpected twists…” ~Foreword Reviews


Second Thoughts-

High-school struggles and a teenager voice bring relatability to this paranormal romance drama.

As her senior year at Northbrook Academy approaches, Lainey Young is dealing with all the usual worries of a girl in her final year of high school: friends, college, and her boyfriend. For Lainey, though, having a vision of her own death complicates things even more. In this second installment of the Sententia series, Second Thoughts, Cara Bertrand once again delivers a dramatic paranormal thriller with all the mystery, secrets, and threats one could handle.

Now accustomed to her unique gifts, Lainey still has to figure out what she’s going to do after graduation … if she even makes it that far. On top of everything else at school, Senator Daniel Astor, the leader of the Perceptum, has taken an unlikely interest in her future, and the vision she had at the end of last year of her boyfriend, Carter, causing her death is as vague as ever. Unable to tell anyone the truth about either of these things, she finds her secrets mounting as time runs out.

As a former middle-school literacy teacher, Bertrand knows how teens talk—and don’t talk—to each other. Her dialogue rings true throughout, and the relationship issues her characters face will be familiar to anyone who has ever gone through the struggles of young friendship and dating. Placing these struggles in the environment of a boarding school where half of the kids have paranormal abilities adds immeasurable drama and suspense to the usual coming-of-age story. For example, it’s pretty common to have a girl in school who goes after other girls’ boyfriends, but when that girl is a siren, it really kicks the drama level up a notch.

Those who haven’t read the first book in this series, Lost in Thought, will want to start there. There are too many spoilers and not enough backstory review to begin with the second novel and not feel a little lost. Those who have read the first book will find that Lainey’s life is just as complex as ever, though sometimes in different ways than before, as she fine-tunes her control over her powers and is drawn into the influence of the senator. Packed with action, romance, wit, and unexpected twists, this novel, and the series, will appeal to fans of supernatural teen romance. ~by Christine Canfield - Foreword Reviews, Young Adult Fiction



To order your copies of Lost in Thought and Second Thoughts go to Luminis Books

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Congratulations to Jennifer Walkup on winning the Golden Leaf Award in the YA category!!!




Luminis Books is beyond thrilled and so pleased to share that Jennifer Walkup won the

Golden Leaf Award in the YA category for her book “Second Verse” at the New Jersey

Romance Writer’s Association.

This book was also the winner of the Gold 2013 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Teen Mystery

Congratulations, Jennifer!!!




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THE FIELD Blog Tour Begins – Something out of the Ordinary

Looking for Something out of the Ordinary to read? Pick up a copy of The Field!

Here’s the first review in the blog tour. It’s a good one!

“I really liked this very different YA read, that I would also consider a NA crossover due to the weighty nature of scientific/metaphysical storylines. Yes, this book also deals with “normal” teen subjects: dating (no sex); drinking; families in transition: sports; school, etc…. but it  was the unusual metaphysical elements of “The Universal Field” that a large part of the story revolved around.

 I would recommend this book to YA readers who want something out of the ordinary, who question how the universe works, are interested in science and science fiction and who are open to new ideas.”

~ Tracy Riva’s Blog


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Wonderful review for MAYBE I WILL by Laurie Gray


Readers will learn new techniques for surviving the teen years and life’s unfair, unjust events. Maybe I Will is an essential purchase for libraries with young adults requesting books like 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, The Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin, A Child Called It, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, and Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy by Sonya Sones.

Maybe I Will leaves the reader with hope. There is hope, there are ways to survive the bad, and there are people out there to help. The reality is that the bad is not always sufficiently punished in our legal system. But Maybe I Will may be the title that helps a teen open up and tell someone, rather than continue to suffer in silence.

Diane R. Kelly ~ Practically Paradise

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