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Avid Reader Musings Guest Post by Jacqueline Kolosov author of Paris, Modigliani & Me

Guest post by Jacqueline Kolosov, author of Along the Way and Paris, Modigliani & Me

It looks like you’ve written mostly historical fiction in the past – was it easier or harder to switch to a contemporary voice for Paris Modigliani and Me? Also, what is your favourite historical period to write and/or read about?

I actually write short stories with contemporary settings, so Paris, Modigliani and Me is less a departure than my two novels set in Elizabethan England, A Sweet Disorder and The Red Queen’s Daughter, initially suggest. That said, capturing Julie’s voice in Paris did prove challenging; even more challenging were the voices of her French love interest, Luc, and her French friend, Jean Paul. Why? Because I wanted to create an impression of their foreignness—which is part of their appeal—even though they speak to Julie in English (at least on the printed page). For Luc and Jean Paul and also for Julie’s French friend, Marie France, I relied on my experience as a student living in Germany and later on my travel experiences to create what I hope are believable European teens.

Read the rest of the post here.

Read more about Jacqueline’s books at the Luminis website. 



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The Blog Tour Continues – “ALONG THE WAY is a lovely book about self discovery” ~ Reviewers are entranced!

Three more reviews of Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov. We know you’ll want to get your copy to enjoy the journey yourself!

“Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago”

The long version of the title is so spot on.

[Along the Way] is all about a journey, yes. But so much more than just a walk. I absolutely loved this book. [It]  touches your heart in a special way, that makes you think about your own life, but also that gives you a few chuckles while you read. ~ BookBug

“There are moments where you come across a book that leaves you with a sense of peace and serenity. Along the Way is that book.

Along the Way showcases friendship, love and self worth beautifully. I found myself completely sucked into the journeys of each and every character.

Overall, this is a story I would want many people to read. You will laugh, swoon and hopefully take something from this, I know I did. Even though I haven’t physically walked the Camino de Santiago, through Jacqueline’s writing, it felt like I was doing it along with them.” 

~ Nicole and Maria, Dark Readers

Along The Way is a lovely book about self discovery.  What I loved most about it was the fact that, they didn’t have to do it alone.  I liked how the characters were believable and so were their circumstances.

~ Rachel Rennie


Purchase your copy here!

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Luminis Blog Tour of Along the Way begins with two lovely reviews!


Monday was the kick-off for the Novel Publicity Blog Tour of Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov. We started in with a bang with two lovely reviews!

“If you choose to pick up this book and travel Along the Way with Tessa, Dani & Piper, and you should if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll find a tale of heart ache, learning & growing up. It’s well told… you’ll enjoy every step” ~ naimless (read the full review here)

I loved this read, the message it had, the emotions I felt whilst reading it and the growth that I saw in the characters. I highly recommend [it], especially if you need encouragement, a pick me up or just a boost to kick start your life. ~NaturalBri (read the full review here)

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Amazon Give-Away for Young Adult novel Along the Way!

Visit Amazon to enter to win free copies of Along the Way, by Jacqueline Kolosov!


Three friends share the journey of a lifetime on the Camino de Santiago!

Learn more about Along the Way here.

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Jacqueline Kolosov writes herself a letter in Dear Teen Me

Dear Teen Me (by Jacqueline Kolosov),

or as you are often called—String Bean, Green Bean & Monkey,

Take heart! All those sports you learned and practiced while growing up—the hundreds upon hundreds of hours you logged ice skating, swimming, pointing your toes in water ballet, running, cycling with your dad and your best friend, playing tennis, cross country and yes downhill skiing? Well, you may not believe me now, but all that time will pay off. Listen to me because I’m who you will become in the future; and try, really, really hard to forget about the popular girls who spend most weekday and weekend afternoons at the mall and by the time they are sixteen drive their chic little sports cars to school (even though they aren’t really athletic, except for one or two cheerleaders). Those girls may drive Corvettes and even jade green Land Rovers while you ride your ten speed or walk. But those girls won’t grow up and walk the Camino of Santiago all by themselves. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking to you, Monkey. Give it another decade and a half, and you’ll land in the French Pyrenees and climb down those mountains and walk across Spain. Yes, your feet will be sore, and you’ll have blisters on top of your blisters. But you’ll feel really terrific about yourself too, and you’ll never forget the sky—all that blue—the evening you sit on the cathedral steps in Santiago. No, you won’t meet the love of your life on that trip; but he’s out there, I promise. And while he may not love movement the way you do, preferring to meander instead of run, to bird watch instead of run with the dogs, he will love books as much as you do. So keep reading under the covers way past a reasonable hour so that you are agonizing near-sighted by the time you reach college. Keep reading The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Tess of the D’Urbevilles, Laurie Colwin’s heartbreakingly gorgeous novels, and every single Agatha Christie because all that reading is excellent training for a writer. And you’re a quick study.

View the entire letter at Dear Teen Me


Buy Jacqueline’s YA novel at Luminis Books!

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Along the Way publishes today!


Three Friends, 33 Days, One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago!

Along the way, each young woman must learn to believe in herself as well as in her friends, as their collective journey unfolds into the experience of a lifetime.

Check out author Jacqueline Kolosov’s Blog!

Jacqueline had a great guest blog post at Supernatural Snark were she talks about her fall book Paris, Modigliani & Me, with the cover designed by Jenny of Supernatural Snark, and also has a GIVE-AWAY for a copy of Along the Way! Check it out and enter to win!

Jacqueline will be at the Texas Library Association conference signing copies of Along the Way at the IPG (Independent Publisher’s Group) booth. If you’re going, be sure to stop by to see her!

Order your copy of Along the Way!

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ALONG THE WAY – Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago



Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov is a YA novel about three friends hiking the pilgrimage on The Way of St. James across Spain – the Camino de Santiago – between high school and the start of college. Join them on their adventure of self-discovery and the milagros (miracles) they experience along the way!

“Evocative, cinematic, and romantic, ALONG THE WAY will transport you, taking you on the journey of a lifetime that will test the bonds of three childhood friends.” ~ Megan Frazer, Author of SECRETS OF TRUTH AND BEAUTY, and VERY, IN PIECES


Three friends, 33 days, and 500 miles walking the Camino de Santiago add up to one journey they’ll never forget Piper Rose, Dani Shapiro, and Alexandra ‘Tessa’ Louise De Mille Morrow share a history that goes back to their preschool years in Chicago when their families were still intact. Now Piper lives in Evanston with her divorced dad, her estranged, unstable mother popping in and out of her life at random moments. Meanwhile, Dani’s been living in Santa Fe with a psychologist mom pregnant with her fiancé’s IVF babies. The blueblood Tessa resides on a prominent street in Boston and dreams of a romantic and well-heeled love story like that of her great-grandmother who went to France during World War II. Now that it’s the summer before college, these radically different friends decide to celebrate their history and their future by walking the legendary pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, from the French Pyrenees to the Spanish city of Santiago. Along the way, each young woman must learn to believe in herself as well as in her friends, as their collective journey unfolds into the experience of a lifetime.

Publishes April 1st. Pre-order your copy today!


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