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Avid Reader Musings Guest Post by Jacqueline Kolosov author of Paris, Modigliani & Me

Guest post by Jacqueline Kolosov, author of Along the Way and Paris, Modigliani & Me

It looks like you’ve written mostly historical fiction in the past – was it easier or harder to switch to a contemporary voice for Paris Modigliani and Me? Also, what is your favourite historical period to write and/or read about?

I actually write short stories with contemporary settings, so Paris, Modigliani and Me is less a departure than my two novels set in Elizabethan England, A Sweet Disorder and The Red Queen’s Daughter, initially suggest. That said, capturing Julie’s voice in Paris did prove challenging; even more challenging were the voices of her French love interest, Luc, and her French friend, Jean Paul. Why? Because I wanted to create an impression of their foreignness—which is part of their appeal—even though they speak to Julie in English (at least on the printed page). For Luc and Jean Paul and also for Julie’s French friend, Marie France, I relied on my experience as a student living in Germany and later on my travel experiences to create what I hope are believable European teens.

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