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Foreword Reviews loves Paris, Modigliani & Me!

“A great choice for anyone looking to get swept away in the romance of the city of love, from an author who is an expert in her craft.”

“Eighteen-year-old Julie finds love, mystery, and adventure when she moves to Paris the summer after graduation to take a job as a nanny. Still recovering from her painful rejection from the Art Institute of Chicago, Julie soon becomes enmeshed in the mystery of a new Modigliani painting that is acquired by a Parisian art gallery. Is the heralded painting real or forged, and what can the mystery teach her about her own path?

This charming coming-of-age story follows the heartwarming, sweet tale of a girl on the cusp of finding herself, along the way navigating new romances, old secrets, and a passion for beautiful art. Jacqueline Kolosov takes care with her characters, bringing them to emotional depths and heights as they not only seek to solve a mystery, but to discover the shifting bonds of family that unite them. A great choice for anyone looking to get swept away in the romance of the city of love, from an author who is an expert in her craft.”

~ Foreword Reviews

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Avid Reader Musings Guest Post by Jacqueline Kolosov author of Paris, Modigliani & Me

Guest post by Jacqueline Kolosov, author of Along the Way and Paris, Modigliani & Me

It looks like you’ve written mostly historical fiction in the past – was it easier or harder to switch to a contemporary voice for Paris Modigliani and Me? Also, what is your favourite historical period to write and/or read about?

I actually write short stories with contemporary settings, so Paris, Modigliani and Me is less a departure than my two novels set in Elizabethan England, A Sweet Disorder and The Red Queen’s Daughter, initially suggest. That said, capturing Julie’s voice in Paris did prove challenging; even more challenging were the voices of her French love interest, Luc, and her French friend, Jean Paul. Why? Because I wanted to create an impression of their foreignness—which is part of their appeal—even though they speak to Julie in English (at least on the printed page). For Luc and Jean Paul and also for Julie’s French friend, Marie France, I relied on my experience as a student living in Germany and later on my travel experiences to create what I hope are believable European teens.

Read the rest of the post here.

Read more about Jacqueline’s books at the Luminis website. 


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Paris, Modigliani & Me ~ Giveaway on Goodreads through September 7th ~ YA Novel by Jacqueline Kolosov!


Enter the Goodreads giveaway of 5 Advance Review Copies of Paris, Modigliani & Me by Jacqueline Kolosov ~ through September 7th.

A summer in Paris as a nanny should be a dream job for eighteen-year-old Julie, but it feels more like a consolation prize after not getting into the Art Institute of Chicago, her dream school. Her mom wants her to come back to Texas and attend a state college in the fall, but Julie isn’t sure what she wants anymore.

One thing she does know is that she’s going to find the French father she’s never met while she’s in Paris. Whether her mother likes it or not.

Being a nanny to lively, fashion-minded Genevieve turns out to be fun and good for meeting a trio of intriguing guys. Jean Paul, Clay and Luc show Julie different parts of the city and help keep her mind off the problem of What To Do Next. And of course, Paris is, well, Paris, and that certainly helps. Also, Genevieve’s mother, Claire manages an art gallery and Julie gets drawn into the Paris art scene. The situation heats up when a new, previously unknown work by Modigliani, one of Julie’s favorite artists, is discovered and acquired by the gallery.

Julie’s affections are pulled in three different directions while she tries to discover if the new Modigliani is real or a forgery, or painted by Modigliani’s mistress, Jeanne Hébuterne. Can the story of Modigliani and Jeanne provide any clues that will help guide her own path? Another croissant certainly wouldn’t hurt, either.

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