Luminis Prize 2013 at the Midwest Writer’s Workshop

Tracy Richardson, President of Luminis Books, presented this year’s Luminis Prize for writing at the 40th annual Midwest Writer’s Workshop on the campus of Ball State University.





Annie Sullivan was awarded the prize for a 20 page excerpt of her young adult novel, Goldilocks. Visit the Luminis Prize page of the Luminis Books website to read it in it’s entirety. Here’s what Tracy had to say about Goldilocks.

“Annie’s novel is a clever retelling of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. She pulls the reader in immediately with smart dialog and fast paced action. The story unfolds during the opening fight scene between Goldilocks and her friend Rhys as she battles him in her tryout for the Night Watch who guard the village from a family of maurading bears. Annie’s descriptions are rich and detailed and her characters are real and fully formed. Goldilocks is imaginative and well crafted.”

Congratulations to Annie Sullivan!


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