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SECOND VERSE publishes and Blog Tour reviews are great!


Get a spooky read just in time for Halloween! Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup is out and great reviews are coming in! Follow the Book Nerds Blog Tour.

“This is a mystery/thriller/romance/horror. All those things are in this book and it’s the perfect read for October.  You can freak yourself out as you hide in your closet. 😉  But I do recommend this one, very much.  And while it has a conclusion, everything is wrapped up, there is room for a sequel and I very much hope that that happens!” 4 Stars ~ Candace’s Book Blog

“OH WOW!! What a suspenseful, dynamic read that kept me on my toes all the way through.  
When reading the synopsis and seeing that this is going to be a murder mystery with a twist, I was highly intrigued.  Who doesn’t love a tale with a thrilling plot to get the juices flowing?? With well developed, fun characters in Lange and Vaughn, you find yourself enchanted in the story of Second Verse and find it hard to put down because I just HAD TO KNOW what happened….
This is a definite MUST READ…. 4.5 Stars” ~ Tsk Tsk What to Read

This was such a fun book! It had a Dead Again vibe and that’s one of my favorite movies.  Second Verse is one of those books where I would sit down to read a chapter or two and then I’d realize that several hours had passed and the book was almost over. There are several twists and turns, as you’d probably expect from a book of this type.  I called a few of them but missed the biggest one.  (Poor Kelly; you try so hard.) The relationship between Lange and Vaughn is so sweet.  They made an absolutely adorable couple and stopped shy of reaching the annoying point. 🙂 This is coming out at the best time, too; it’s perfect for Halloween.   This book is creepy but it’s also not scary enough that you’ll lose sleep. Highly recommended ~ Kelly Vision

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Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup publishes in time for Halloween!

Get your copy of this creepy love story with a Halloween connection in time for trick-or-treating! Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup publishes on October 1st. Place your order at the Luminis Books website.

“A supernatural murder mystery with a love interest rooted in the past and present. A fast-paced thriller best read with the lights on.” ~Kirkus Reviews

“Not your average teen love story! Suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end mixed with a teen romance creates an addictive and unusual read. 5 stars – Hard to imagine a better book!” ~ Karrie, YALSA Top Ten Teen reviewer.


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Second Verse Book Nerd Blog Tour


The Book Nerd Blog Tour for Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup (October, 2013) opens today! The tour will run from September 28th to October 8th. Review copies are available to bloggers who host for the tour. Second Verse was getting a lot of attention at BookExpo America! It’s a perfect creepy Halloween romance!

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Author Persepective ~ Small Press Publishing

Jennifer Walkup, author of  Second Verse coming from Luminis Books October 2013!

Jennifer was recently interviewed on Tangled Up In Words for Small Press 411. Here’s what she had to say about working with Luminis Books. Thanks Jennifer! We love working with you, too!

When Jennifer Walkup isn’t writing or reading, she’s spending time with her husband and young sons, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and coming up with costume ideas for Halloween. She’s obsessed with good coffee and new recipes and likes broccoli on her pizza, flowers in her hair, flip-flops on her feet, and the number 13. A member of SCBWI and RWA, Jennifer also serves as fiction editor for The Meadowland Review and teaches creative writing at The Writers Circle. Second Verse is her first novel. You can find Jennifer on twitter @JennWalkup.

Before you signed with Luminis Books, did you have any ideas or notions about what small press publishing would be like? Has that proven to be true or false? What made you submit to your Luminis Books?

Over the years I’ve watched friends publish in all sorts of ways: big 6, independent, mid-sized and self-published. I knew there was no one universal publishing experience and was both anxious and excited to throw my hat, er, book, into the ring.

I had been working on my young adult thriller, Second Verse, for a few years. I was in a unique position because I had just parted ways with my agent around the time Second Verse was really ready for editors. I had to decide – did I want to query agents again or did I want to query editors at independent presses directly? After some soul searching and research, I decided on the latter. And I’m glad I did!

I didn’t know exactly what to expect as I’ve heard all sorts of publishing stories, but I did my homework before querying and made sure to choose publishers that had a professional standing and vibe and ones I’d heard good things about. I bought books put out by the publishers I considered, taking care to check out the style and quality of design and editing. Deciding to go small pub was something I considered for a while before actually taking the plunge.

What has been the most surprising with Luminis Books?

Most surprising would probably be the marketing plan. Luminis has given me a publicist to work with and now that we’re getting close to ARCs being ready (squee!) we’re starting to work on the marketing plan for Second Verse. We’re talking about all sorts of exciting things – reviewers, blog tours, book tours, trade shows, various press opportunities, school and bookstore visits, libraries, giveaways. Plus, it’s all very collaborative and cooperative. Lots of creative ideas getting bounced around.

There have been a lot of other great things about working with Luminis, too. My editor and the rest of the team are extremely professional. I love being able to banter back and forth on email or by phone to work out a plot point. And being able to ask any question and get a prompt and knowledgeable answer is fantastic.

Of course I have no basis for comparison as this is my debut novel, but the idea of small presses doing no marketing or no editing has not proved true for me at all thus far!

How would you rate your overall experience?

So far, so good! I’ve been thrilled and blessed to work with an editor that has a hawk’s eye for detail, is patient, responsive, incredibly thorough and really nice to boot. So far, it’s been a dream!

What would you say to writers considering small press publishing?

Consider all your options. There are so many paths to choose from and it really is such a personal decision. Different things work for different writers and different books. For me, a small press has been really great thus far. So I guess my advice would be to take your time and figure out what works best for you before deciding, but most definitely do not dismiss the small press option!


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