Huffington Post Interview with Chris Katsaropoulos and Tajci Cameron host of “Waking Up In America”

Music, Literature and Expansion ~ Interview with Tajci Cameron and Chris Katsaropoulos.

The interview will appear on the TV show Waking Up In America”  on July 7th~ ACTIVATING CHANGE IN THE WORLD
through personal awakening and soulful shifting toward living with purpose. 

Here are a few quotes from Chris:

“I think there is a lot of programming in our day to day lives. We have certain schedules, certain work obligations, certain programming that comes to us from television, or whatever media that we are [consuming.] So anything that gets us outside of those structures… can help to open awareness. And art, whether it’s music or poetry or a novel [can do that].”

“[Glastonbury] is a sacred place, and on the top of that hill… I had a big awakening experience there… It’s a very sacred place… Something just came through me and I started having out of body experiences and past life experiences and all sorts of multi dimensional experiences, that have gone into making my novels and my poetry since then.”

See the Huffington Post article here.

Learn more about Chris’ novels at the Luminis Books website.  antiphony_cover_11-12-10

Entrevoir cover 9781941311493


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