The Blog Tour Continues – “ALONG THE WAY is a lovely book about self discovery” ~ Reviewers are entranced!

Three more reviews of Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov. We know you’ll want to get your copy to enjoy the journey yourself!

“Three Friends, 33 Days, and One Unforgettable Journey on the Camino de Santiago”

The long version of the title is so spot on.

[Along the Way] is all about a journey, yes. But so much more than just a walk. I absolutely loved this book. [It]  touches your heart in a special way, that makes you think about your own life, but also that gives you a few chuckles while you read. ~ BookBug

“There are moments where you come across a book that leaves you with a sense of peace and serenity. Along the Way is that book.

Along the Way showcases friendship, love and self worth beautifully. I found myself completely sucked into the journeys of each and every character.

Overall, this is a story I would want many people to read. You will laugh, swoon and hopefully take something from this, I know I did. Even though I haven’t physically walked the Camino de Santiago, through Jacqueline’s writing, it felt like I was doing it along with them.” 

~ Nicole and Maria, Dark Readers

Along The Way is a lovely book about self discovery.  What I loved most about it was the fact that, they didn’t have to do it alone.  I liked how the characters were believable and so were their circumstances.

~ Rachel Rennie


Purchase your copy here!

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