Jacqueline Kolosov writes herself a letter in Dear Teen Me

Dear Teen Me (by Jacqueline Kolosov),

or as you are often called—String Bean, Green Bean & Monkey,

Take heart! All those sports you learned and practiced while growing up—the hundreds upon hundreds of hours you logged ice skating, swimming, pointing your toes in water ballet, running, cycling with your dad and your best friend, playing tennis, cross country and yes downhill skiing? Well, you may not believe me now, but all that time will pay off. Listen to me because I’m who you will become in the future; and try, really, really hard to forget about the popular girls who spend most weekday and weekend afternoons at the mall and by the time they are sixteen drive their chic little sports cars to school (even though they aren’t really athletic, except for one or two cheerleaders). Those girls may drive Corvettes and even jade green Land Rovers while you ride your ten speed or walk. But those girls won’t grow up and walk the Camino of Santiago all by themselves. Yes, that’s right; I’m talking to you, Monkey. Give it another decade and a half, and you’ll land in the French Pyrenees and climb down those mountains and walk across Spain. Yes, your feet will be sore, and you’ll have blisters on top of your blisters. But you’ll feel really terrific about yourself too, and you’ll never forget the sky—all that blue—the evening you sit on the cathedral steps in Santiago. No, you won’t meet the love of your life on that trip; but he’s out there, I promise. And while he may not love movement the way you do, preferring to meander instead of run, to bird watch instead of run with the dogs, he will love books as much as you do. So keep reading under the covers way past a reasonable hour so that you are agonizing near-sighted by the time you reach college. Keep reading The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Tess of the D’Urbevilles, Laurie Colwin’s heartbreakingly gorgeous novels, and every single Agatha Christie because all that reading is excellent training for a writer. And you’re a quick study.

View the entire letter at Dear Teen Me


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