Spring Title Preview ~ THE POSSIBILITY OF SNOW by Al Riske

“Roommates Steve Bourne and Neil Fischer have a lot in common and enjoy their time together until Steve’s growing attachment to Neil creates tensions that reverberate not only in their own lives but in the lives of their friends and fellow students at the small college they attend. In The Possibility of Snow, Al Riske explores the boundaries of male friendship, inviting the reader to consider the limits of loyalty, companionship, and love.” ~ Barbara Shoup, author of An American Tune and Looking for Jack Kerouac

The Possibility of Snow (May 1,2015) is Al Riske’s his third book with Luminis Books. This one promises to be his best work yet.

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An engaging, lyrical, and, at times, disturbing novel, The Possibility of Snow tells the story of a once-promising friendship that dissolves into antagonism. Steve and Neil room together at a small college in New England and soon become fast friends, until things go strangely wrong. Steve is eccentric, slightly paranoid, and too perceptive for his own good. He knows the difference between what people say and what they do. Neil is reflective, sincere, and not as together as he seems. There’s not much he’s sure of anymore. They know each other very well and understand each other not at all.


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