“Second Thoughts” keeps readers “right in the middle of all the action”…

“Second Thoughts” is proving to be an excellent and thrilling sequel to  “Lost In Thought”the first book of the Sententia Series.  These reviewers share why they loved this paranormal book so much. LitPick even gave it 5 stars!

This has to be one of the most exciting Paranormal Romances to be released in a long time. Unique, filled with adventure, romance, heartache and many twists and turns, I loved everything about this read. Compared to some of the greatest YA PNR to ever hit the shelves, this book, for me, reminded me in many ways of The Seraphina Parrish Trilogy.

Book one ended with such a cliffhanger and I could not wait to climb right back into the action. Would her vision really come true, could Carter really do something like that? I was enthralled and couldn’t put this book down for a second. Of course, other than the threat of her own demise looming over Lainey, she had plenty of other obstacles to get over. Although gifted with a very rare ability, she was still very much a normal girl who had to face normal girl problems. Add to that all the drama with senator Astor and I’m not sure how Lainey managed to get through it all.

The ending to this book was not exactly a cliffhanger but it was very surprising. I didn’t quite foresee the events that took place at the very end, and even though I could understand by Lainey made the choices she made, it still hurt my heart because it wasn’t quite the ending I was hoping for. I can only pray that there will be a third book and that everything will work out for these amazing characters.

This was a great read that flowed right off the pages. I think readers will be delighted with the magical qualities this book has to offer. A superb read from cover to cover.” ~ Roxy Kade





“Book Two of the Sententia Series is sure to grab your attention just as well as Lost In Thought did. Although Lost In Thought was a very good book, you don’t need to read it in order to understand Second Thoughts. This book was very interesting and definitely kept me turning the pages. Cara Bertrand certainly made me feel like I was right in the middle of all the action. The vocabulary used was good for the recommended age, although there was some language throughout the book. Overall, as the reader, I believe that this book was a very, very good read.”  Five Stars ~McTower



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