“Complex Knowing” receives brilliant review from Booklist



Novelist Katsaropoulos (Fragile, 2009; Antiphony, 2011) offers his first poetry collection. These abstract, interpersonal poems buck form and embrace contrast. Traditional syntax and line breaksare abandoned for a richly poetic tone, and in this manner, Katsaropoulos hits all of the big themes: the archetypal, the idiosyncratic, and the fragile. The many shades of meaning and great depth of perspective are rewarding. Just shy of 50 short poems, this book digs deep, as in the moving “Benediction,” which reaches past failure to capture love: “According to their need. / Say the words you / Want me to say, / Tell me what we must / Do, to flail the ways / That come between us.” The same sentiment seems denied in “Blackness Heart of the Night,” in which the speaker offers, “What was held / There / All along hope inside / A dream that never / Came to pass.” Such offerings make Katsaropoulos’ collection a poignant and necessary delivery of the most wonderful of human capacities, our ability to withstand the hurt and the joy.— Booklist


Order your copy of “Complex Knowing” here at Luminis


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One response to ““Complex Knowing” receives brilliant review from Booklist

  1. Congratulations on a fine review of “Complex Knowing” from Booklist. Writing poetry is an act of faith and courage, and getting recognition is a real accomplishment!

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