Fall Title Preview – Chris Katsaropoulos’ first collection of Poetry – Complex Knowing

Complex Knowing, the first collection of poetry by author Chris Katsaropoulos, publishes November 1st – Order your copy here!

Praise Complex Knowing ~

Novelist Katsaropoulos (Fragile, 2009; Antiphony, 2011) offers his first poetry collection. These abstract, interpersonal poems buck form and embrace contrast. Traditional syntax and line breaks are abandoned for a richly poetic tone, and in this manner, Katsaropoulos hits all of the big themes: the archetypal, the idiosyncratic, and the fragile.The many shades of meaning and great depth of perspective are rewarding. Just shy of 50 short poems, this book digs deep.  Katsaropoulos’ collection [is] a poignant and necessary delivery of the most wonderful of human capacities, our ability to withstand the hurt and the joy. ~ Booklist



Complex Knowing

These poems send the reader on a journey into the hidden realm of the subconscious, where the sixth sense of knowing overwhelms the other five. Chris Katsaropoulos has written a collection of poems that turn words and phrases inside out, bringing forth the intricate truths that can be found within a frozen landscape, a lost tribe of warriors, a funeral cortege, or a chrysanthemum weathering a drought.


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