Domestic Violence in the News and in our Books

Domestic violence by NFL players has been everywhere in the news lately. People are outraged, shocked and dismayed. The real shocker is how little the players have been held accountable for their actions. The victims were also portrayed as somehow culpable. That they did something to deserve being punched or beaten with a switch.

The best thing that has come of all of this is the attention it brings to the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault. Luminis has two critically acclaimed books that give very real portrayals of how abuse affects the lives of the victims. Fiction isn’t real, but it is True.

SHELTER by Patricia Aust is about Miguel, whose father abuses his mother and starts targeting him and his sister. It is about how his mom gathers the courage to escape to a women’s shelter and how that fails to stop his father. It is the story of a young man finding the courage to stand up to the man he thought he loved.


Buy Shelter now!

MAYBE I WILL by Laurie Gray is about Sandy, a high school sophomore who is sexually assaulted by an acquaintance. We find that sexual assault is not about sex, it’s about violence and control.



Our mission at Luminis Books is to publish Meaningful Books That Entertain. We believe that these works of fiction contribute in a meaningful way to the conversation on domestic violence and sexual abuse. We hope you enjoy them.


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