Author Chris Katsaropoulos Interview on Reader’s Entertainment Radio tonight at 6pm!

Catch the interview tonight at 6:00pm EST on Reader’s Entertainment Radio! Chris Katsaropoulos will be talking about his upcoming collection of poetry, Complex Knowing. Call in to talk directly with Chris!

Complex Knowing

The poems in Complex Knowing send the reader on a journey into the hidden realm of the subconscious, where the sixth sense of knowing overwhelms the other five. Chris Katsaropoulos has written a collection of poems that turn words and phrases inside out, bringing forth the intricate truths that can be found within a frozen landscape, a lost tribe of warriors, a funeral cortege, or a chrysanthemum weathering a drought. The dark existential themes capture the uneven and inexplicable nature of the human soul as it tries to muddle through a world that sometimes seems designed to thwart every attempt to love, while at the same time filled with beauty and overflowing with life.

Chris Katsaropoulos  is the author of more than a dozen books, including two critically-acclaimed novels, Fragile and Antiphony. Visit his website to read more of his poetry.


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