Just Myrto Blog Tour Reviews ~ 4.5 and 5 Stars!

I loved this book. I love reading about mythology. I loved that the author had her own take on ancient Greece. Socrates and Plato have help sculpt the world that we live in. To think that “just a woman” knew them both was very interesting. This book had the Greek justice system, a discussion about the shape of atoms and even some poetry. I can not wait to read more from this author. I am giving this book a 5/5.  ~ Deal Sharing Aunt Blog

Just Myrto was a perfect blend of History and Fiction. Although I definitely knew the story of Socrates the story, and even existence, of Myrto was brand new to me. I enjoyed the Philosophy and discussions on a woman’s role in society in the 4th Century.I think Just Myrto is a great addition to any readers bookshelf who is just begining to learn about Philosophy and History or who is a dedicated scholar in such fields. 4.5/5 ~Library of the Seen

I have never read a book quite like this one. A book that captured so many things I love in a novel. Myrto is a female character who reminds me of me somewhat, which I love. Her thirst for knowledge is fantastic, allowing her to be seen in a new light. I fell in love with the characters, especially Socrates, his kindness and words of wisdom always made me smile. I wish I could find more books such as this one to read, where I somehow discover myself as I read. I would reccomend this book to ANYONE, no matter what you like to read. It’s just that good.

Favorite Quote:

“Even when I do my best to tell you and Lamprocles the truth, you cannot simply repeat what I sagas truth for yourself.” 

“I’m a philosophical midwife. People conceive ideas in their minds, and I help bring these ideas to light.” 

“Maybe it’s more about seeking wisdom than being right?” 

“The only difference between the sunrise and the sunset is your point of view.”

~ Rockin’ & Reviewing

just_Myrto_front final

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