Luminis Books at PLA

Last week the Public Library Association conference was held in Indianapolis. Over 5000 librarians came to attend programs, workshops and the trade show. Luminis was there! We had signings by authors Laurie Gray, Chris Katsaropoulos and Tracy Richardson.



Author Chris Katsaropoulos signing ANTIPHONY


Author Tracy Richardson signing THE FIELD

Luminis also sponsored a YA Author event with fellow Indiana publisher Tanglewood ~ Cultivating Resiliency Through Books for Teens ~ featuring Indiana authors Tracy Richardson, Laurie Gray and Tanglewood Indiana author, Mike Mullin. Over 100 librarians came at 4:15 on a Friday afternoon to hear how addressing difficult subjects like drinking and sexual abuse in books empowers teens by allowing them to experience them through the safety of a book while gaining valuable insights and skills.




Laurie Gray signing MAYBE I WILL and JUST MYRTO,

 Tracy Richardson signing THE FIELD,

 and Mike MULLIN signing SUNRISE of the ASHFALL Trilogy after the event.


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