More Great Blog Tour Reviews for THE FIELD

“Richardson did a terrific job of portraying this young male, and it really felt like I was inside a teenage boy’s head for the entire story (which was a little scary at times!). I’d highly recommend this book to any male young adult reader, and all the parents wondering about just WHAT is going on in their child’s head. It was a great read.” ~ Naimeless Blog

I loved this story of discovery.  Eric is examining his place in the world, his beliefs, and his emotional connection to friends and his girlfriend.  This story has strong messages of unified spiritualism and green energy.  Eric and Renee’s star-gazing date was a perfect example of a romantic and sweet alternative to the common.” Five Stars ~Page Princess Blog

This was a really interesting read. What intriqued me the most was the sci-fi connection. The book is all about the Universal Field of energy that surrounds us. Eric participates in research testing and learns that he has a clairvoyant spark within himself.” ~The Write Path

“The Field is an interesting YA read that’s rather difficult to classify. It’s part paranormal, part science. There’s a bit of mystery and some romance. One thing I liked about this novel is that it’s so different from other books I’ve read. I recommend The Field to everyone high school and up that enjoys an interesting and different read. There’s something for everyone in this novel: science, sports, angst, and romance.” ~ Once Upon a YA Book


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