More Great Reviews from the SECOND VERSE Blog Tour!

These bloggers love Second Verse – you will too!

I loved this book. I read it in about 12 hours. It was full of intrigue and suspense and a storyline that kept me guessing clear up to the end.  I loved the way the book intertwined two compelling stories into one absolutely enthralling whole. I strongly suggest you pick up this book and add it to your library. It will be well worth the time it takes to read. Tracy Riva

Second Verse was a fun, thrilling, engaging page-turner that kept me guessing till the end. Jelly Side up

This is one of the best Young Adult debut novels I have read, maybe ever. Amy’s Booket List

I fell in love with everyone  and everything in this book. This is one scary book which means not only is Jennifer Walkup a writing goddess but she’s also one sick puppy. Get it. This one’s a keeper. Fabulosity Reads

If you like dark and creepy; if you like paranormal mysteries; if you like love conquering all – then this book is definitely the book for you. I loved it. Never Too Fond of Books


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