What is a ‘realistic’ reaction to rape?

One of the recent reviewers of MAYBE I WILL on the blog tour had the following reaction to the book.

“This should have been an emotional, heart wrenching read and it was to a point. But I just didn’t see her reaction as realistic. The sexual assault, while wrong, wasn’t as extreme as I would have expected for her reaction. IF Sandy had actually been raped in the true sense of the word I could understand the reaction. But her assault was not at that level.” ~museunleased

It raises the question of what is rape and what is a realistic reaction to rape? Is it assault and violation? Is it sexual? How brutal does it have to be to justify an extreme reaction in the victim? It is telling that the reviewer says “If Sandy had actually been raped in the true sense of the word, I could understand the reaction.” Apparently the reviewer doesn’t think Sandy was actually raped.

This type of reaction isn’t uncommon, unfortunately. It exemplifies the importance of books like MAYBE I WILL in starting this type of discussion. Read the entire review and author, Laurie Gray’s clarification of the legal definition of rape at museunleased blog.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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