MAYBE I WILL Blog Tour – Bloggers say it’s an important book.

Two more blogger are amazed and impressed with Maybe I Will, by Laurie Gray.

The details of the sexual assault take up less than one page of the book so the book is really about how to deal with trying to handle an issue as a teen that feels too big to deal with on your own but that you aren’t sure how to talk to someone else about … that’s really valuable. ~ Diary of a Smart Chick Blog 

This was a powerful issue book. It’s aimed at mature YA readers, and covers not only sexual abuse, but also alcohol abuse, depression, friendship, and a load of other things. But it’s done so in a way that is entertaining, and meaningful to readers of any gender.

Overall, this was an amazing story that I’m sure will become wildly popular as an issue book. It has a unique angle that will appeal to most readers. And the story itself is gripping and intriguing. 5 Stars – Amazing

~ Workadayreads Blog


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