ALOHA, MOZART Blog Tour continues ~ Five Stars and 10/10 Ratings!

WOW! The excellent reviews for Aloha, Mozart by Waimea Williams keep on coming! Check out the whole blog tour at Novel Publicity!

“The generous lyricism and insight offered in this text make the language my favorite aspect of the novel. Readers with some familiarity with Hawaiian vocabulary will enjoy additional meaning from the text (even the multiple meanings embedded in the title), but it is not necessary to the enjoyment of the book. Review: 10/10. Phenomenal! I am a lifelong fan of the author.”

~ Jelly-Side Up Blog

From the opening sentences, this novel captured my undivided, rapt attention. Aloha Mozart deserves to be praised, to become a bestseller, and I firmly believe it would translate into a totally engrossing film, as well.  It is a beautiful literary pearl, one of those rare finds that will be treasured and re-read many times over.  It’s not only for opera or classical music connoisseurs, but for anyone who can understand what a true artist must undergo in order to attain the heights of their art, while holding on to their integrity. Five Stars.

~ A Nights Dream of Books Blog

Get your own copy of this lovely and lyrical book. Order from the Luminis Books website.

Aloha, Mozart


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One response to “ALOHA, MOZART Blog Tour continues ~ Five Stars and 10/10 Ratings!

  1. Thank you for quoting me, and thank you for your lovely comment on my review! I felt honored to review such a wonderful book. Thank you for the opportunity.

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