Waimea Willams with Amy Tan at Squaw Valley


Waimea Williams and author Amy Tan

Post by Waimea Williams, author of Aloha, Mozart.

Amy’s BBQ on the banks of the Truckee River is an annual event for Squaw Valley staff at her summer home. This year I discovered that she’s a big fan of Brudda Iz (Kamakawiwo’ole) whose ‘ukulele version of “Over the Rainbow” has become a world-wide classic. Amy is learning to play ‘ukulele herself, and we sat outside to review chord changes, not such a problem for Amy because she once took years of piano lessons.

It was a real pleasure to give her a copy of my novel, Aloha, Mozart, which she remembered well from when we were starting out together in a San Francisco writers’ workshop. I extended an invitation from the Hawaii Book and Music Festival for Amy to attend as next year’s featured author, and hope she will come to enjoy that lovely event.


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